Not so Close Up for Magician Dynamo

Close-up advice Dynamo's people should have followed

Keeping an eye on the magic news this week, and I came across this news story on the BBC website about Dynamo, the street magician who is currently in the public eye.

Refunds offered after Dynamo show

The gist of the story is that Dynamo was booked to perform some close up magic at an event attended by around 300 people, all of whom had paid £150 to see him perform his particular brand of magic live and in person.

Sadly, it seems that not many people actually got that close to Dynamo to witness his skills and many just saw the back of his head! – not great for £150!

It is unclear where the fault lies, although it sounds like it was a combination of misunderstanding by both Dynamo’s promoters, and the venue itself. It seems that no tables were sold, and there weren’t many seats available, it was more of a cocktail / drinks reception with people standing around, which meant that the more “obnoxious” members of society could force themselves to the front and watch all the action, leaving the more polite folks at the back.

Sadly you would think that an event costing that much, and with his current popularity, would have been better organised, but it seems not and they are now having to either refund all the unsatisfied people, or re-arrange a another event free of charge.

Now, whilst I realise that I am nowhere near as popular as young Dynamo – not yet anyway! 😉 – whenever I take a booking I will always liaise with you directly to ensure that my portion of the evening will run smoothly.

As some guidelines, I can normally cover around 60-70 people in an hour. This ensures that everyone gets to see some magic without it being too rushed (this includes those funny people that don’t like magic – I’ve never understood them!) and if there are any more than that, then I would normally recommend either booking me for another hour or I can also recommend other magician(s) to work with me to ensure that we can cover the whole room.

If it is a drinks reception then all should be fine, however if I will be entertaining at tables then before the meal is usually best, as people tend to be more interested in their food, than on choosing a card (again, something I have never understood) or I can work between courses being served. The latter option, although it is do-able, is often more difficult as I have to liaise with the caterers and discuss with them which order the tables will be served in to ensure I am not in their way. The final option is to entertain people after the meal over coffee. This is a good option if I will not be performing cabaret magic after the meal as it keeps people interested and entertained in what can be a quiet time before, for example, the disco starts and whilst they digest their meal before they dance the night away!

If I am performing Cabaret magic, then the number of people, type of room, where I will be performing will all need to be discussed. I may, for example, need power points for speakers and an amplifier, although for smaller numbers, thanks to my theatrical training, I can often project my voice enough for everyone to hear.

The point is that, whatever the situation, I will always ensure that I have talked through this with you beforehand so it is one less thing for you to worry about on the day, you can be assured that that part of the event will run smoothly, and you can get on with enjoying the evening along with everyone else.

If you ever book an entertainer that doesn’t talk through this with you, I would probably suggest booking someone else as they are obviously inexperienced and it may well add some un-needed stress to your event – make sure you always book a professional.

Now I wonder who I would choose? 😉