Close-up Magician

Whatever the occasion a close up magician can add a unique and fascinating addition to your next event.

Wether it is a birthday party, house warming party, christening, black tie event or any other occasion, Wayne will mix and mingle with your guests, wether they be seated or standing, and entertain everyone with his own brand of up close and personal magic and laid back humour.

Using everyday objects such as cards, wallets, rings, keys, coins, elastic bands and sponge balls (ok, that last one is more of an everyday item for a magician) Wayne will make them appear, disappear, change and multiply often in the guests own hands!

Wayne has over 20 years experience and has performed at many different events and occasions, including as a “special guest” at a murder mystery evening where he spent the entire night winning lots of the other guests play money from them with completely “honest” bets and swindles.


In these days of 3D films, computer generated graphics and endless TV channels, magic that happens right under your nose, and often in your own hands, with no possible physical explanation still has an amazing impact. This often becomes a talking point amongst the guests and this form of close up magic can often be a great ice breaker for guests that may not know each other.

Wayne’s brand of humour and magic is entirely family friendly, although he can do more “adult” parties if required, but his wide breadth of experience means that he is able to perform for anyone from Senior Management to your Aunty Doris without causing offence or embarrassment.

This form of entertainment is extremely flexible, from performing magic up close for your wedding guests, to entertaining your staff and clients at a mix and mingle corporate event, in the right hands it can fit into a wide variety of situations. So, the next time you have an event in mind, give Wayne a call and discuss with him how he can make it a more magical and unique experience for both you and your guests.