Close up Magic Testimonials

Close Up Magic Testimonials

As I am sure many of you know, I not only perform Close-up and cabaret magic but I am also a hypnotist and Fellow of the Academy of Hypnotic Arts.

As a Fellow, I faciliate on many of the academies courses, the last of which was a 6 day residential Professional Hypnotist course. Over the 6 days we are not only together in the class-room, we also eat together and generally get to know each other very well over the week.

Inevitably it is mentioned (ok I normally leave a deck of cards “subtly” lying about) that I perform magic and I am often then asked to perform for group after dinner in the evening. This is normally close-up effects around the table for a few of the group at a time and sometimes a stand-up effect or two for the entire table.

I always find this kind of informal environment enjoyable as it gives me a chance to refine routines and tricks that I may use in other situations that I perform in such as Weddings etc. and with the friendly atmosphere it doesn’t matter if something doesn’t work as it should. I often also get to meet other magicians who are learning hypnosis and it is always good to chat to them or, as in this case, meet someone that wants to learn magic – as Jake did in this case. I can therefore help to add to their learning experience by giving them a few small routines and bits of advice to help them on their way.

However my main role during the course is to facilitate during the teaching sessions and to get some testimonials about the course at the end. Well to my delight a few of the guys involved also said that they would love to give me a video testimonial regarding the magic I had performed – and the result can be seen in the video below.

I can promise you that these were genuine testimonials from people who had to sit through my magic for 5 days or so – you may notice the slightly “haunted” look they have about them – and I also promise that I hadn’t hypnotised any of them to say what they did!

Enjoy and please leave some comments.