Unique Wedding Day Experience

When you are planning your big day, why not make it a unique experience not only for you, but also your guests, and hire a Wedding Magician. There a many times throughout the day where some unobtrusive, extra entertainment can really add to your special occasion.

Without taking anything away from the bride and groom, Wayne can mingle with your guests performing magic and helping to cover some of those times when they may be standing about waiting for the next part of the day. The best times for this type of entertainment are listed below.

The Wedding Breakfast

Once everyone is seated, Wayne can walk amongst the tables performing a short table magic routine at each. This can often be an ideal ice breaker for tables where people may not know each other. Liaising with your chosen venue, Wayne will ensure, to the best of his ability, that he is only performing his close up magic in between courses so as not to hinder the service of the food, whilst at the same time keeping the guests entertained and amazed.


Many guests often arrive at the venue ahead of the bride and groom whilst the all important pictures are being taken.

This can often be a quiet time for them whilst they await the arrival of the happy couple. Wayne can walk amongst your guests and perform magic close up during this period, which keeps your guests happy and entertained whilst all the other formalities are being dealt with.

Evening Reception

The start of the evening reception is an ideal time for Wayne to perform to your evening guests. The music will not have got into full swing, and your new guests may be standing around getting their bearings for the evening.

Wayne can perform his brand of up close and personal magic and help get the guests into the party spirit. Obviously he does need to be heard, so once the dancing starts in earnest Wayne will make his exit.

Although three separate sections have been listed above, Wayne does not recommend that you book a wedding magician for the whole day. There are only so many times someone can take a card! The best advice is to give Wayne a call and discuss with him the most effective way to use his magical talents on your special day.

Finally Wayne is not really a kids entertainer. Whilst all of his routines are family friendly, if you wish for the little ones to be entertained separately then you should think about booking another performer. Wayne is happy to recommend relevant, experienced performers should you wish.

As well as performing magic at weddings, Wayne is also available as a close up and table magician at both private parties and other celebrations. He is also a Corporate Magician, available to entertain both staff and clients for a wide range of corporate events.

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